Our Services Explained

Tree Felling

Tree Felling is the process of cutting down a tree. It is a potentially hazardous task and if not performed by professionals, can lead to serious injury or very serious structural damage.
The dangers associated with Tree Felling can be encountered not only while cutting the tree, but also when the falling tree doesn’t have a clear path to the ground, causing untold destruction and damage.
Because of the dangerous nature of Tree Felling, we use only the very best cutting and safety equipment and our highly trained and experienced team will always ensure that the safety of you & your property remain their priority.
Palm Tree Trimming

All Palm Trees need trimming at least once a year. Dry and sagging leaves will eventually fall on their own, but one should trim before this happens to avoid the heavy palm leaves from falling to the ground & injuring someone or damaging property.

In general the trimming is usually done in the winter months when the Palm has already taken its energy from the old sagging leaves, and is in a state of dormancy because of the cold temperatures.
Incorrect pruning of palms can reduce their vigor, transmit diseases, reduce their health, affect cold hardiness and lower their tolerance to handle windstorms. If you damage your Palms trunk while pruning there is a good chance the damage will not heal.

We recommend that you always seek professional help before taking on the challenge of trimming your valuable Palm Trees.
Instant Lawns

There are thousands of varieties of grasses and grasslike plants for lawns, each adapted to specific conditions of precipitation and irrigation, seasonal temperatures, and sun/shade tolerances.

Warm season grasses, used in our climatic conditions, only start growth at temperatures above 10 °C and grow fastest when temperatures are between 25 °C to 35 °C, with one long growth period over the spring and summer. Warm season grasses often go dormant in cooler months.

Instant lawns and can be planted in most temperate climates in any season and provide an instant & appealing lawn, saving you months of painstaking work planting seeds, fertilizing and nurturing.
Plot Clearing

Whether you're clearing your plot to build your dream home, opening up an obscured view or simply clearing unwanted trees & bush to sell as firewood, the task of plot clearing is a daunting one!

We have all the necessary machinery, equipment & experience to clear your plot to your exact specifications, in a sensitive and environmentally friendly way.
Stump Removal

After a tree has been cut and felled, the tree stump is usually a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still in the ground.

The quickest method of stump removal is known as grubbing - that is, pulling or digging out the whole stump. The usual method of grubbing is to dig a trench or ditch around & cut the lateral roots, before removing the stump.
Our preferred method is Stump Grinding, which involves grinding the stump & roots into small chips. This method of removal prevents any accidental damage to underground cabling or piping.

Other methods include burning & chemical removal, but these methods have proven to be either harmful to the environment, expensive or simply ineffective.

We also provide a Replanting service for Palms and other large and difficult to manage trees.

It is generally not a good idea to plant a replacement tree in the exact same spot as the one that was removed, since organisms that rot stumps and underground wood often tie up other important resources, sometimes for years. We'll assist you with a replanting strategy that will maximize your available lands potential, including careful preparation of the soil before replanting.